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For large parts of the general public, media are the central source of information about climate change, and today people are increasingly turning to the online services offered by classic and newer media providers in order to stay informed. Therefore, analyses of online reporting are important for the understanding of how climate change is constructed in public debates.

To contribute to this goal an Online Media Monitor for climate change was developed. This results in a website offering an access to data of an automated daily updated monitoring of the climate debate in online media. The project thus expands the available social-scientific data on climate change.This project was part of the CliSAP idea contest 2015.

The OMM consists of 2 parts:

  • worldwide online climate reporting analysis from news sites (this data set)
  • Twitter analysis

Which data are considered?

There are four criteria to be met by each medium in order to be part of the sample:

  • Topicality: News has to be published on a daily basis (except for Saturday/Sunday); temporary downtimes may occur due to geopolitical conflicts (e.g. the current situation in the Arabian region).
  • Nation-widereporting: The respective reporting has to take place on a national level. This is indicated by a certain section, such as “National News”.
  • Relevance & Range: This is the most important criterion for the selection of the media for each country. The medium has to be ranked preferably high in worldwide range position tables. Therefore commercial websites such as ALEXA Internet, 4imn and newspaper24 were considered.
  • Journalistic offers that address different target groups: Each news site has to be classified as belonging to the group of elite or popularreporting. Furthermore, media that primarily offer other web services (such as email service) are excluded from the sample.

Further details can be found in the Guide.


Name Description
Count per day daily count of climate change articles per medium (in percent and total)


Name: Prof. Michael Brüggemann
Institute: CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change
Email: michael.brueggemann (at) uni-hamburg.de

Name: Remon Sadikni
Institute: CliSAP / CEN / ICDC
Email: remon.sadikni (at) uni-hamburg.de

Data citation

Brüggemann, Michael / Sadikni, Remon / Walter, Stefanie / Meyer, Maybritt (2018): Online Media Monitor on Climate Change (OMM): Analysis of Global Tweets and Online Media Coverage. Universität Hamburg. URL: www.climatematters.hamburg.

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