HD(CP)2 long term observations, atmospheric boundary layer height derived from wind profile data of DL - zenith only (no. 00), by Supersite JOYCE, data version 00

Daily files of Mixing layer height from Doppler lidar vertical wind


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wget: 2013

Instrument 1

  • Source: Doppler lidar (no 17), HALO Photonics
  • Descriptive Instrument location: The Doppler lidar is installed at the JOYCE; on the roof of the Institute for Energy and Climate Research, Research Center Juelich.

Global Information

  • PID: de.koeln.rrzk/amd.de.sups/joy.dlidST00.l2.zmlaw
  • Level: 2
  • Updated Version: 0
  • File format: NetCDF3_CLASSIC
  • Convention: CF-1.6
  • Average File Size Uncompressed: 1 Mb
  • File name: sups_joy_dlidST00_l2_zmlaw_v[VV]_[YYYYMMDDhhmmss].nc
  • Start: 2011-11-07
  • End: ongoing


NameDimensionCF standard_namelong_nameUnits
wtime,heightupward_air_velocitymean of wm s-1
betatime,heightvolume_attenuated_backwards_scattering_function_in_airm-1 sr-1




Research Center Juelich, Institute for Energy and Climate research (IEK-8)

Contact Person(s)

Ulrich Loehnert (Loehnert@meteo.uni-koeln.de)


J. H. Schween et.al., Mixing layer height retrieval with ceilometer and Doppler lidar: from case studies to long-term assessment, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 7, 4275-4319, 2014-04-30


For non-commercial use only. This data is subject to the SAMD data policy to be found at hdcp2.eu and in the SAMD Data Product Standard.

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