count of climate change related tweets*

*The Online Media Monitor on Climate Change Coverage (short form: OMM) maps the transnational debate on climate change as reflected in the coverage of important journalistic outlets and on Twitter. The OMM searches Tweets that are related to climate change. The following tweets are considered:
  1. at least one of these search strings has to be present: #climatechange OR "climate change" OR "global warming" OR Klimawandel
  2. at least 5 retweets
  3. at least one link
The Twitter API in the "compat mode" (that we are using) truncates the text of the tweet after 140 characters and in this case a link to Twitter is placed in the text directing to the complete tweet. These artificial links are evaluated as the first tweet link and have an impact on the time series and the Domain ranking. Read the OMM Guide to get more details about the methods and take a look at the error log file to get information about server problems.