ESA-CCI data access form Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness

The SICCI data sets (from the SICCI approach and the Worby 1-layer approach) are available for everybody. Please make sure that you take a look at the Product User Guide, into the two ESA reports about ICESat freeboard retrieval: D1.6 and freeboard-to-thickness conversion: D1.8, into Kern, S., and G. Spreen (2015), and primarily into Kern, S., et al. (2016) to learn about the limitations and the format of the data.

Please cite both data sets with the paper Kern et al. (2016) and refer to the Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC, icdc.cen.uni-hamburg.de) as the data provider.

In order to provide you with information about data set updates and to track who is using the data we would like you to register with your name, email-address and institution using the contact form below. Your data will be forwarded via e-mail to our provider and we will use it to answer the request and to email important updates about the data set from time to time (unless you tell us that you don't want that). A use for another purpose or a data transfer to third parties does not take place.

After filling out the form you will be directly redirected to the data set.

Thank you!

Data Access

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