Lindenberg Boundary Layer Measurement Tower


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The boundary layer field site at Lindenberg-Falkenberg is part of the meteorological measurement program of the German Weather Service (DWD). Lindenberg is well known for its long-term time series of vertical temperature, humidity and wind soundings carried out at the Richard-Aßmann Observatory. The boundary layer field site is located about 65 km southeast of Berlin in a rural landscape comprising a mixed coverage of meadows, forest, croplands and lakes within the neighborhood (< 10 km) of the site. Several measurement systems are operational at the site, namely a small (10m) and a tall (99m)  measurement tower, and facilities for meteorological standard measurements, measurements of vertical soil moisture and temperature profiles, radiation, and turbulent fluxes (see the picture above). Measurements at the boundary layer field site started in 1998.

The tall tower is equipped with sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction at heights of 10m, 20m, 40m, 60m, 80m, and 98m. A comprehensive list of the sensors at the tall towers and the other measurement facilities is given in the short documentation.

The data offered here have been quality assessed for GEWEX / CEOP and comprise measurements from the tall tower levels at 40m and 98m, from the small tower levels at 2m and 10m, and from the standard meteorological parameter, the radiation, the soil profile and flux measurement facilities. More details are given in the documentation.


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Name Unit
air temperature [2m, 40m, 98m °C
dew point (calculated) [2m, 40m, 98m] °C
relative humidity [2m, 40m, 98m] %
specific humidity [2m, 40m, 98m] g/kg
wind speed [10m, 40m, 98m] m/s
wind direction [10m, 40m, 98m] °
x-, y-component of wind vector [10m, 40m, 98m] m/s
incoming & outgoing short-wave radiation) [2m] W/m²
incoming & outgoing long-wave radiation [2m] W/m²
net radiation (calculated) [2m] W/m²
surface temperature °C
precipitation amount (last 30 minutes) [1m] mm
snow depth cm
air pressure [1m, 40m, 98m] hPa
incoming & outgoing photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) [2m] µmol/m²s
friction velocity m/s
sensible heat flux W/m²
latent heat flux W/m²
CO2 flux µmol/m²s
soil heat flux W/m²
soil temperature [5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm depth] °C
soil moisture [8cm, 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm depth] Volume %
local albedo: 0.18
local emissitivity: please contact Udo Rummel

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Coverage, spatial and temporal resolution

Period and temporal resolution:

  • 30-minute averages
  • 2003-2010

Coverage and spatial resolution:

  • Local, Lindenberg, Germany
  • Spatial resolution: none, vertical profile
  • Geographic latitude: 52.17°N
  • Geographic longitude: 14.12°E
  • Dimension: 1 column x 1 row x number of measurements vertically
  • Altitude (Measurement site itself is 73 m a.s.l.): 2 m, 10 m, 40 m, 98 m



You can find an overview about the data formats in the following documents:

Equations and assumptions required to calculate the derived quantities are given here.


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Data quality

The data set does not contain uncertainty estimates. However, since the data set has been used within GEWEX/CEOP a number of quality checks have been carried out. The result of these checks is given as a number of quality flags:

C: Reported value exceeds the output format field size OR was negative (precipitation)

M: Parameter value missing OR derived parameter can not be computed

B: Bad

I: Interpolated / Estimated / Gap filled

D: Questionable / Dubious

G: Good

U: Unchecked


Details about measurement accuracy of the used sensors can be found in this document which contains links to the manufacturer's web pages.

Please contact Udo Rummel for more details.


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Udo Rummel
Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg - Richard-Aßmann-Observatory, DWD, Tauche - Lindenberg
email: udo.rummel (at) dwd.de 
phone: +49-69-80625786

Stefan Kern
ICDC / CEN / University of Hamburg
email: stefan.kern (at) uni-hamburg.de
phone: +49-40-42838-2415

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Data citation

In case you use this data please cite: Beyrich, F., and W. K. Adam, 2007, Site and Data Report for the Lindenberg Reference Site in CEOP - Phase I. Berichte des Deutschen Wetterdienstes, 230, Offenbach am Main, Germany, 55 pp.

Also please add: Data for xyz (the used parameters) for ttt (time period) were obtaind from ICDC, CliSAP/KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg, icdc.cen.uni-hamburg.de/weathermast_lindenberg/

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