HD(CP)² - Clouds & Precipitation

HD(CP)² is the acronym for "High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction". This is a research initiative funded by BMBF, now in the second phase. The main goal of this initiative is to cut down uncertainties in climate scenario model calculations as are based on cloud and precipitation processes to a half. The shall be done by comparing ultra fine spatially resolved (100 m horizontal, 10-50 m vertical) regional "hind cast" model simulations with correspondingly fine resolved observations of cloud and precipitation processes with the goal to improve current parametrizations and knowledge about cloud-precipitation processes. The ICON model (ICOsahedral Nonhydrostatic general circulation model) of the German Weather Service and the Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie  is used for this purpose. A unique network of observation stations will provide the required observational data. The figure to the right shows the region of interest together with key observation sites and the rain radar network used.

A considerable part of the observational data of clouds and precipitation that are required within HD(CP)² will be provided in cooperation with ICDC. ICDC is envisioned to be central site for observational data within HD(CP)². Later, the tools required for an efficient comparison of hind-cast model simulations and observational data shall also be offered in cooperation with ICDC.

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