Variables sorted according abbreviation (<var>-tag)

Variable abbreviation Variable description
aae Aerosol Angström exponent
aot Aerosol optical thickness
apec Aerosol particle extinction coefficient
azi Sensor azimuth angle
aziv Sensor azimuth angle velocity
beta Attenuated backscatter coefficient
buoy Buoyancy
cape CAPE
cin CIN
ciwvi Path of integrated ice water
cli Cloud ice content (height resolved)
cllw Cloud liquid water content (height resolved) in kg m-3
clm Cloud mask
clt Cloud fraction (total)
clw Cloud water content (height resolved) in kg kg-1
clwvi Path of integrated cloud liquid water
conccn Aerosol number concentration
cth Cloud thickness (liquid clouds)
dbz Radar reflectivity factor
dnc Drop number concentration
dnccli Ice crystal number concentration
drlw Drizzle liquid water (height resolved)
dv Doppler velocity
hfls Latent heat flux
hfsoil Soil heat flux (downward)
hfss Sensible heat flux
hua Absolute humidity
humr Humidity mixing ratio
hur Relative humidity
hus Specific humidity
intensity Backscatter intensity
iwc Frozen phase water content (height resolved)
kdp Radar specific differential phase
lat Latitude
ldr Radar linear depolarization ratio
lon Longitude
lwc Liquid water content (height resolved; cloud + rain)
ndvi Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
otc Cloud optical thickness
otcli Cloud optical thickness due to ice water
otclw Cloud optical thickness due to liquid water
pa Pressure
pbc Particle backscatter coefficient
pct Cloud top pressure
pdr Particle depolarization ratio
pec Particle extinction coefficient
phidp Radar integrated differential phase
pia Path integrated attenuation
plr Particle lidar ratio
prcon Convective precipitation
precip Precipitation
prw Path of integrated water vapor
reffcli Effective radius of cloud ice particles
reffclw Effective radius of cloud liquid particles
rhohv Radar co-polar correlation function
rlds LW broadband downwelling radiation (surface)
rlus LW broadband upwelling radiation (surface)
rr Rain rate
rsd Solar radiation flux (atmosphere)
rsds SW broadband downwelling radiation (surface)
rssr Reflected solar spectral radiance
rsus SW broadband upwelling radiation (surface)
rtd Total downwelling radiation
rtu Total upwelling radiation
rv Radial or fall velocity (away from instrument)
sle Surface longwave emissivity
sst Sea surface temperature
stat Station number new
surfalb Surface albedo
sw Radar spectral width
ta Temperature
tb Brightness temperature
tcb Cloud base temperature
tct Cloud top temperature
ts Surface temperature
vdr Volume depolarization ratio
vec Volume extinction coefficient
vis Visibility
w Vertical wind velocity
wdir Wind direction
wl Wavelength of radiation
wspeed Wind speed
zal Aerosol layer heights
zcb Cloud base altitude
zdr Radar differential reflectivity
zgct Cloud top altitude (geometric height above geoid)
zmla Atmospheric boundary layer height
zmlaa ... derived from aerosol profile
zmlaw ... derived from wind profile
zsl Altitude above mean sea level
zth Cloud top height (distance above surface)
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