Variables sorted according the CF-"standard_name" attribute and "long_name" attribute respectively

CF- standard_name OR long name Variable description VAR tag Unit in CF: YES or NO
aerosol layer height Aerosol layer heights zal m n
air_pressure Pressure pa Pa y
air_pressure_at_cloud_base Cloud base pressure pcb Pa y
air_pressure_at_cloud_top Cloud top pressure pct Pa y
air_temperature Temperature ta K y
air_temperature_at_cloud_top Cloud top temperature tct K y
altitude Altitude above mean sea level zsl m y
angstrom_exponent_of_ambient_aerosol_in_air Aerosol Angström exponent aae 1 y
atmosphere optical thickness due to ice water Cloud optical thickness due to ice water otcli 1 y
atmosphere_boundary_layer_thickness Atmospheric boundary layer height zmla m y
atmosphere_convective_inhibition CIN cin J kg-1 y
atmosphere_mass_content_of_cloud_ice Path of integrated ice water ciwvi kg m-2 y
atmosphere_mass_content_of_cloud_liquid_water Path of integrated cloud liquid water clwvi kg m-2 y
atmosphere_mass_content_of_water_vapor Path of integrated water vapor prw kg m-2 y
atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_ambient_aerosol Aerosol optical thickness aot 1 y
atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_cloud Cloud optical thickness otc 1 y
atmosphere optical thickness due to cloud liquid water Cloud optical thickness due to liquid water otclw 1 n
atmosphere optical thickness due to cloud ice water Cloud optical thickness due to ice water otcli 1 n
backscatter intensity Backscatter intensity intensity 1 n
brightness_temperature Brightness temperature tb K y
buoyancy Buoyancy buoy N n
cloud base temperature Cloud base temperature tcb K n
cloud mask Cloud mask clm 1 n
cloud_area_fraction Cloud fraction (total) clt 1 y
cloud_base_altitude Cloud base altitude zcb m y
cloud_top_altitude Cloud top altitude (geometric height above geoid) zgct m y
convective_precipitation_amount Convective precipitation prcon kg m-2 y
distance from sensor to center of each range gates along the line of sight Range range m n
doppler velocity Doppler velocity dv m s-1 n
downward_heat_flux_in_soil Soil heat flux (downward) hfsoil W m-2 y
downwelling_radiance_per_unit_wavelength_in_air Alias: downwelling_spectral_radiance_in_air Reflected solar spectral radiance rssr W m-2 y
downwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air Solar radiation flux (atmosphere) rsd W m-2 y
drop number concentration Drop number concentration dnc m-3 mm-1 n
effective radius of cloud ice particles Effective radius of cloud ice particles reffcli m n
effective_radius_of_cloud_liquid_water_particle Effective radius of cloud liquid particles reffclw m y
equivalent_reflectivity_factor Radar reflectivity factor dbz dBZ y
geopotential_height Geopotential height zg m y
height Height height or zag m y
height_at_cloud_top Cloud top height (distance above surface) zth m y
humidity_mixing_ratio Humidity mixing ratio humr 1 y
latitude Latitude lat degree_north y
longitude Longitude lon degree_east y
mass concentration of frozen water in air Frozen phase water content (height resolved) iwc kg m-3 n
mass_concentration_of_cloud_liquid_water_in_air Cloud liquid water content (height resolved) cllw kg m-3 y
mass_concentration_of_liquid_water_in_air Liquid water content (height resolved; cloud + rain) lwc kg m-3 y
mass_concentration_of_drizzle_in_air Drizzle liquid water (height resolved) drlw kg m-3 y
mass_concentration_of_water_vapor_in_air Absolute humidity hua g m-3 y
mass_fraction_of_cloud_ice_in_air Cloud ice content (height resolved) cli 1 y
mass_fraction_of_cloud_liquid_water_in_air Cloud water content (height resolved) clw 1 y
mixing layer height from aerosol profile Atmospheric boundary layer height derived from aerosol profile zmlaa m n
mixing layer height from vertical wind profile Atmospheric boundary layer height derived from wind profile zmlaw m n
normalized range corrected signal OR range corrected backscatter signal Normalized range corrected signal (lidar) beta_raw 1 n
normalized_difference_vegetation_index Normalized Difference Vegetation Index ndvi 1 y
number_concentration_of_ambient_aerosol_in_air Aerosol number concentration conccn m-3 y
number_concentration_of_ice_crystals_in_air Ice crystal number concentration dnccli m-3 y
nyquist frequency Nyquist frequency nqf s-1 n
nyquist velocity Nyquist velocity nqv m s-1 n
particle backscatter coefficient Particle backscatter coefficient pbc m-1 sr-1 n
particle depolarization ratio Particle depolarization ratio pdr 1 n
particle extinction coefficient Particle extinction coefficient pec m-1 n
particle lidar ratio Particle lidar ratio plr sr n
path integrated attenuation Path integrated attenuation pia dBZ n
precipitation_amount Precipitation precip kg m-2 y
radar co-polar correlation function Radar co-polar correlation function rhohv 1 n
radar differential reflectivity Radar differential reflectivity zdr dBZ n
radar integrated differential phase Radar integrated differential phase phidp deg n
radar linear depolarization ratio Radar linear depolarization ratio ldr dB n
radar specific differential phase Radar specific differential phase kdp deg km-1 n
radar spectral width Radar spectral width sw m s-1 n
radial_velocity_of_scatterers_away_from_instrument Radial velocity or fall velocity rv m s-1 y
radiation_wavelength Wavelength of radiation wl m y
rainfall_rate Rain rate rr m s-1 y
range corrected backscatter signal OR normalized range corrected signal Range corrected backscatter signal beta_raw 1 n
relative_humidity Relative humidity hur 1 y
sea_surface_temperature Sea surface temperature sst K y
sensor azimuth angle velocity Sensor azimuth angle velocity aziv degree s-1 n
sensor elevation angle Sensor elevation angle ele degree n
sensor elevation angle velocity Sensor elevation angle velocity elev degree s-1 n
sensor_azimuth_angle Sensor azimuth angle azi degree y
sensor_band_central_radiation_frequency Frequency band of sensor freq_sb s-1 y
specific_convective_available_potential_energy CAPE cape J kg-1 y
specific_humidity Specific humidity hus kg kg-1 y
station number Station number stat 1 n
surface_albedo Surface albedo surfalb 1 y
surface_downwelling_longwave_flux_in_air LW broadband downwelling radiation (surface) rlds W m-2 y
surface_downwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air SW broadband downwelling radiation (surface) rsds W m-2 y
surface_longwave_emissivity Surface longwave emissivity sle 1 y
surface_temperature Surface temperature ts K y
surface_upward_latent_heat_flux Latent heat flux hfls W m-2 y
surface_upward_sensible_heat_flux Sensible heat flux hfss W m-2 y
surface_upwelling_longwave_flux_in_air LW broadband upwelling radiation (surface) rlus W m-2 y
surface_upwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air SW broadband upwelling radiation (surface) rsus W m-2 y
thickness_of_liquid_water_cloud Cloud thickness (liquid clouds) cth m y
time Time time seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 y
total downwelling radiation Total downwelling radiation rtd W m-2 n
total upwelling radiation Total upwelling radiation rtu W m-2 n
upward_air_velocity Vertical velocity w m s-1 y
visibility_in_air Visibility vis m y
volume depolarisation ratio Volume depolarization ratio vdr 1 n
volume extinction coefficient Volume extinction coefficient vec 1 n
volume_attenuated_backwards_scattering_function_in_air Attenuated backscatter coefficient beta m-1 sr-1 y
volume_extinction_coefficient_in_air_due_to_ambient_aerosol Aerosol particle extinction coefficient apec m -1 y
wind_from_direction Wind direction wdir degree y
wind_speed Wind speed wspeed m s-1 y
wind_speed_of_gust Wind speed maximum (gust) wspeed_max m s-1 y
zenith_angle Zenith angle of beam direction zenith degrees y
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