Polarimetric radar

Simulated device: polarimetric radar at microwave band

Contact: Xinxin Xie (xxie@uni-bonn.de)

Output parameter

Radar reflectivity (dBZ), differential reflectivity (dB), specific differential phase (degree/km), copolar correlation coefficient (#). Radar attenuation and differential attenuation (dB/km) can be also obtained.

Technical specification

Column or 3D? both
Operation on model time step? yes
Required libraries none
Programming language Fortran90 or Fotran95
If online, is it modular? offline
Ground-based or space-borne? ground and satellite based


Minimum set of physical quantities:

  •  1D or 3D profiles of temperature, pressure, water vapor mixing ratio, hydrometeor mass mixing ration and/or hydrometeor number concentration

Need for a special grid?

  •  For each pixel, the forward operator needs input in the beam direction of the radar. It is not easy to adapt it to triangular grid.

Are parameters given via namelist or have to be coded?

  •  via namelist

Are there special requirements to the input quantities?

  •  no

Documentation: no 

Models for application: It can run offline with COSMO output with gridded pixels.

Suitable for MESSy?:

Format of input data: ASCII

Format of output data: ASCII

Computational costs: Depending on the number of grid points in given profiles


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