RADVOP (RADarVORwärtsoperator -> Radar forward operator)

Simulated device: scanning radars from 3 GHz to 40 GHz

Contact: Ulrich Blahak (ulrich.blahak@dwd.de)

Output parameter

radial wind (m/s), radar reflectivity (dBZ), radar beam heights (m MSL)

Technical specification

Column or 3D? 3D
Operation on model time step? only the actual model time step
Required libraries Depends on application. Pure operator does not need external libs, but if assimilating DWD radar data with KENDA, netCDF is needed.
Programming language Fortran 2003
If online, is it modular? online and in principle modular. However, some routines concerned with interpolations from the model grid are model specific (for now: COSMO) and have to be created for each new grid type.There is also a serial offline version.
Ground-based or space-borne? Ground-based


Minimum set of physical quantities:

  • 3D: T, u, v, w, p, qv, qc, qi, qr, qs, qg …
  • However, it depends on the configuration of the radar forward operator, if all or just some of these fields are needed.

Need for a special grid?

  •  At the moment rectangular rotated lat/lon. Needs 3D interpolation, so adaption work is necessary.

Are parameters given via namelist or have to be coded?

  • extensive namelist

Are there special requirements to the input quantities?

  • no, instantaneous fields are required

Documentation: under construction

Models for application: COSMO

Suitable for MESSy?:

Format of input data:  Currently simple ASCII, but format can be adapted by the user to whatever he has...

Format of output data: ASCII

Computational costs:  generally low to intermediate


Paper submitted resp. in preparation

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