HALO Campaigns

NARVAL Mission

NARVAL (Next-generation Aircraft Remote-Sensing for Validation Studies) aims to explore the use of HALO as a remote sensing aircraft for retrieving the state of the atmosphere with particular attention placed on moist processes and composition. The study uses a combination of airborne remote sensing, and in situ measurements to address two main questions:

  1. Can the rearch aircraft HALO be configured as a remote sensing vehicle in a manner that provides new and quantitative insights into the development of moist processes in the atmosphere?
  2. To what extent are shallow cloud regimes, both in the trades and in the cold, post-frontal regions of extra-tropical cyclones, precipitating?

(Met. Institute of Uni HH)

NARVAL South and NARVAL North took place in winter 2013/2014 with flights to Barbados flights over the arctic North Atlantic.

NARVAL2 (Summer 2016) Took place in Barbados and began to explore the link between clouds and circulation in preparation for EUREC4A, and factors influencing deep convection within the Atlantic ITCZ. To date eighteen research flights over the tropical Atlantic have performed, and the data is made available to the community subject to the access restrictions and policies below. (MPI Met)


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