IOP Lindenberg 2014 (ioprao)

Brief status report on the intensive observation campaign at Lindenberg / Falkenberg (June 02 - July 28, 2014)

The intensive observation field campaign took place between June 02, 2014 and July 28, 2014 at Lindenberg / Falkenberg with the collaborative effort between Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg (MOL) and Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS). The IOP involved the TROPOS pyranometer stations (45 nos.)  and a radiation station (similar to BSRN). The main purpose of this initiative was (1) to perform calibration of TROPOS pyranometer stations against MOL-BSRN standards, and (2) to obtain measurements of spatial variability of downward solar irradiance at the surface using our pyranometer network.

The pyranometer stations were placed at four measurement locations:

  • Lindenberg MOL-BSRN: 10 pyranometers in close proximity,
  • MOL Cloud RADAR: 5 pyranometers in close proximity, Falkenberg
  • MOL-BSRN: 10 pyranometers in close proximity, and
  • Between Falkenberg TROPOS-radiation station / MOL-SODAR and MOL flux tower: 20 pyranometers with maximum spatial extent (~ 500 m X 100 m area).

Data available from this campaign includes shortwave downward solar irradiance (in W/m2), relative humidity (in normalized units) and ambient air temperature (in K) at 1 Hz frequency. Other supplementary data will be available from TROPOS BSRN-like radiation station and MOL to undertake the above specified study. The standard Supersite measurements of MOL are available under "HD(CP)² Long Term Observations > Local Observations > Supersites > RAO".

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